about us

During the summer of 2019,
one of our long date partners told us of a customer that was using a webmail.
He complained that its antispam was filtering the incoming email messages too much:
some emails completely disappeared and the CEO was disappointed (kindly speaking)!

They were looking for a solution that could store the messages before being filtered.

We started building a service over the SpamStop platform,
since it already had most of the technology needed to receive and store emails,
before passing them back to the webmail service.

After just two months, a first “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) was ready.
Only a “small” step was missing: the web interface to search for the wanted messages.

Initially we selected a top level open source project, called “Mailpile”:
“Mailpile is a search engine and a personal webmail server”,
with great attention to privacy and data security.
Its setup, testing and documentation required a lot of effort.

At the end of a December we sent the website link to a US i.t. service provider, with a special need:
“Law firms are required to keep copies of emails for five years or more.
They can receive court orders requiring a “legal hold” on documents and emails.
In that case they need to prove that they have copies that have not been changed or deleted.”

Thinking on how to provide the requested proves,
it came out that there was no need to provide a complex webmail client,
it was enough to give them the possibility to retrieve the messages,
making all the process more reliable and much easier to setup and manage.
A month later the new “light” version was ready.

There was an even easier way to use the service,
without passing through smtp and mx servers:
simply configure a bcc email address in your hosted email admin panel.
This further reduction defined our task:
"simplify email archiving"

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